I am just super happy to start Garmentgames, the blog project that is so near to my heart. For a long time I wanted to express myself with a blog to share things that I am interested in and that inspire me. And now it comes finally into being. To provide you an insight into who I am at all I tried to find fifty facts about me. This fifty facts about me tag is quite old but in my opinion it gives you a little impression who is behind all this.

  1. My official full name is Natascha Natalie Schmitt but I was always just called Natalie.
  2. I am twenty years old.
  3. My birthday is on the twenty-first of February so my star sign is Pisces.
  4. Fashion and traveling are my greatest passions.
  5. I love berries and I have to admit that I am addicted to blueberries. No joke I need at least one bowl of blueberries a day.

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  1. Sadly I have no green thumb at all… even cacti shrink with me.
  2. Caused by the fact that I am southpaw my left hand is always covered with ink.
  3. Seals are my favorite animals.
  4. To fall asleep I usually listen to Sherlock Holmes audio dramas.
  5. I have never smoked.
  6. Once I started an exciting new series I have to watch as many episodes at a stretch as possible.
  7. I do not have tattoos yet but I really like Chiara Ferragnis world map.
  8. I am not a morning person and I love to sleep.
  9. Sadly I do not have any siblings.
  10. Horror movies are definitively nothing for me.
  11. Also movies that I watch must have a happy ending. Thereby I have the habit to check up the ending previously to ensure myself that everything turns out good. The same thing applies to books as well.
  12. I envy women who manage to create time-consuming hair styles… in respect thereof I am quite incapable.
  13. I am quite clumsy so I managed to find myself twice in hospital with a concussion.
  14. I do not have a driver’s license yet.
  15. I have a boyfriend since two years and since one year we are living together.
  16. The hero of my childhood was Kim Possible.
  17. After graduation I made a trip around the world for a year. Thereby I stayed in Australia for six months.
  18. I am quite perfectionistic therefor I am very self-critical.
  19. It makes my so happy to give presents and therefore giving pleasure to someone. But it might happen that I cannot keep it a secret and I´ll tell it the person before the actual event caused by that fact that I am so excited.
  20. My all-time favorite perfume is Alien by Thierry Mugler.
  21. The sun doesn’t like me. Equal how long I stay in the sun I do not get tanned… I just get red like a lobster and then white again.
  22. Generally my skin is difficult. It will not tan, it is dry and tends to impurity.
  23. I fell in love with matcha latte and detox tea.
  24. Sushi is my favorite dish at the moment.
  25. Breakfast is my favorite meal. After waking up I am always hungry and so happy to get an ample breakfast.
  26. If I drink sparkling water my eyes begin to tear, because I am incompatible to carbonic acid.
  27. I cannot eat spicy dishes at all.
  28. I gave them several chances, but I think I will never like olives.
  29. I am horrible at singing.
  30. I am 5, 51 feet tall.
  31. I like to watch documentaries and series on DMAX.
  32. As mentioned I don’t have a green thumb, but I love to have plants and flower at home. My favorite flowers are very clichéd peonies.
  33. I love everything about coconuts especially the water and the oil. The oil is perfect for cooking and for hair masks… trust me.

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  1. If I like a song I can listen to it for hours.
  2. I listen to every kind of music but I especially love Lana del Rey and Sia.
  3. I am horrible at answering WhatsApp messages.
  4. I study international fashion retail.
  5. If I start to read an exciting book I have to finish it as soon as possible. Till I haven’t finished it I am no person anymore because I cannot think about anything else.
  6. In grammar school I took art as a written examination subject and went therefore to another grammar school because our school did not offer it.
  7. I am bad in mathematics but I would describe myself as quite creative.
  8. I wanted to start blogging ages ago but I was not confident enough for that.
  9. I could watch cute animal videos for hours.
  10. The hardest part about blogging for me is to pose in front of the camera. I feel just clumsy but I hope it will get better in time.
  11. Things that are directly in front of me are often invisible to me.
  12. I like to stay organized but after a very short time total creative chaos comes into being.

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