Bangkok is such a beautiful and vibrant city. After a log flight we finally arrived in Bangkok and I was really excited to see this city again.

I’ve been to Thailand a year ago with my best friend and we traveled two weeks through Thailand. Thinking about this amazing time we had I was really happy to be back in Bangkok but I also knew that things can get tricky. So the first time in Thailand we had huge problems with getting around because obviously every taxi driver wanted to cheat on us and we also made some experience with the “tuk tuk mafia” so I was a little bit nervous about the transportation aspect. But this time everything went well because we drove most of the time with Uber. I can totally recommend driving with Uber in Bangkok! You don’t need to haggle about the price and it is cheap. The first day we did the typical tourist attractions. So I saw them the second time but I cannot get enough of those beautiful palaces, temples and amazing food markets. First we visited the Grand Palace. This place is just breathtaking. After that we crossed the river and went to see the Buddhist temple Wat Arun. I loved to be there again but sadly the temple is still under renovation. Next we went to the amazing flower market and food market so I got finally my hands on some mangosteens. Definitely one of my favorite fruits. If you’re in Asia you have to try them they taste amazing! After a refreshment we went to Wat Saket or better known as the golden mountain, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Bangkok. After that we went back to our beautiful Hotel Muse and had dinner. So this was one of our days in Bangkok a city full of things to see and do.