After staying in a busy and crowded city like Bangkok it was the perfect plan to spend some relaxed days at the beach. As we traveled to Thailand in august we knew that the weather conditions weren’t the best on the west coast, caused by the fact that at this time of the year it is rainy season. Nevertheless we booked a hotel in an area where it nearly rains the most in Thailand.

It may sound stupid to some of you but it was the perfect decision for us. We booked eight nights at the Sarojin located outside of Khao Lak. When I discovered this hotel online it absolutely convinced me the second I saw it. Due to the fact that it was off-season we were able to book a room quite rapid and I was really looking forward to stay there.

When we arrived at the hotel I was totally overwhelmed by the beauty of the hotel facility. Everything was so green and pretty arranged. After a welcome drink we saw our room the first time and I felt immediately comfortable and knew that this place is exactly the right one to unwind. I liked most about our apartment the bathroom. Just look at the pictures! It was so relaxing to take a bath in this huge bathtub. After taking one we booked a massage and believe me that felt amazing. Nothing compared to the massages we had before. There must be a reason why they won the world luxury spa awards 2016.

So the Sarojin is perfect for relaxing. You can declamp at the pool or at the private beach. The hotel offers only 56 rooms so it is super quiet. Obviously it rained a lot as we stayed… so we did not spend much time at the beach. Instead we booked a lot of activities. The hotel has also its own booking center with amazing things to offer. We really did a lot of things like elephant bathing, wild water rafting, ATV driving, lunch at a waterfall, trip to James Bond island, trip to Ko Phi Phi and a private cooking class. So there is defiantly a lot to see and do.

Eating and drinking at the Sarojin is a blast. The day starts with an a la carte breakfast. The food is amazing and there is everything you could think of. The hotel offers two different restaurants. The Ficus in the middle of the facility…it is kid of the heart with its old fig tree and at the beach the Edge with a cool beach bar. Both restaurants have amazing food and drinks. Also we were lucky to join a Thai barbeque night with amazing Thai food… but I think I will do an extra post about eating at the Sarojin.

I do not know what to say more…our stay at the Sarojin was just amazing!