This post deals with the topic of time. Time runs so fast lately and it is almost Christmas again. I mean less than a month! I still have tons of things to do till Christmas… for example my 20 pages paper for e-commerce or a presentation for visual merchandising…so I really have to manage my time well to get everything done in time. But what I am really excited about is to visit my dear friend Verena next week in Berlin for a few days. This is the perfect occasion for visiting same Christmas markets and shopping Christmas gifts and of course just having a fantastic time with my lovely friend. But to come back to the gift thing… I recently got a watch from Jord Wood Watches and I really love it. It is made of real wood and looks super cool and special. I am thinking about buying another one form my mum for Christmas because she loved the idea of wooden watches when I showed her mine. So the only question is in what color… there are a lot of pretty colors available  and I am quite bad when it comes to decitions… so that might take a while. I can defiantly recommend on buying one of those pretty watches. They are a true eye catcher and a perfect present for Christmas for one of your loved ones or just yourself.

Aaand I was able to get you an cool Giveaway! So here’s what you need do:
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You have until 12/18 to enter.

Special thanks to Jord Wood Watches for sponsoring  me with this beauty.

Watch: Jord (here)