Last week we’ve been to Lisbon and stayed at The Lisboans Apartments. As you might know I am totally obsessed with stalking pretty accommodations and spots for upcoming travels. So I scrolled through booking and found this super cozy and pretty looking apartment with top recommendations and knew immediately that this was going to be ours. We stayed there 4 nights and the apartment felt like home to us. The interior is just super pretty and little details made the apartment unique. For example the yellow books are old national geographic issues and the record player with vinyl records really played music. The location was very central and the whole team is just super friendly and warmly. I asked them if it would be possible to ship a package to them because DHL had problems with delivering my package in time and it was no problem at all. Every morning they put fresh bread and fresh pressed orange juice in front of our door and it tasted amazing. Speaking of amazing if those pretty pictures will not convince you to stay at the Lisboans , the home made granola will for sure;) Seriously I loved it and ate every day almost the whole jar… sooo good. The first night we stayed at their loft and the view from the top of the apartment was breathtaking. Lisbon is such a beauty! So what to say more about this lovely apartment… ohh haha i really loved the fragrance of their shower gel…seriously it smelled so good! So our stay was perfect and I am excited to show you the pictures we took !

Apartment: The Lisboans (here)

Suitecase: Hauptstadtkoffer (here)

Shoes: Superga (here)

Striped Blazer/Shorts: Bershka (here)

Blue Blouse: Zara