My summer must haves this season? Defiantly this super pretty dress from ISLA but most importantly silky smooth skin! Holiday season is waiting around the corner and smooth and good looking legs are a must!

[Sponsored by Gillette Venus]

I am already thinking of my trip to Dubai at the beginning of July and can`t wait to twirl around the city with this dress… ahh is there any better feeling than fresh shaved legs in a pretty summer dress?! My personal #venusgefühl 😉

Speaking about shaving I have to admit that I am quite incapable of shaving every inch of my skin properly because I often can´t reach some spots in the right angle.
When  Gillette Venus asked me to try their Venus Swirl shaver I was full of hope that this issue was a thing of the past. So I tried a lot for different shavers form different brands in the past but I really have to admit that the Venus Swirl is the best one I tried so far. The Flexiball technology really does its thing! Bye bye to unshaved areas! I am absolutely trilled by this shaver and can`t wait to pack it into my suitcase for my trip to Dubai.

And now to some of my tips for perfect silky and smooth legs:

  1. Take a relaxing bath or shower before shaving!
  2. Shaving gel is a MUST!
  3. Try the Venus Swirl … haha ok you don’t have to… but I can totally recommend trying it! What I actually mean is that you should attach great importance to a quality shaver.
  4. Don`t shave against the grain!
  5. Good smelling body lotion is always good idea after shaving!

In Cooperation with Gillette Venus