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Garmentgames is at first instance a personal style blog. Moreover it is a destination where Natalie expresses everything that is close to her heart. Her biggest passions are fashion and travelling and those are the things that inspire her most.

Natalie is a twenty years old woman from Bavaria who does what she loves. Therefore she created Garmentgames. Also she studies International Fashion Retail in Reutlingen and tries to please her strong desire of exploring new places.

Fashion can be expressed in endless varieties and Garmentgames is the place where Natalie expresses her sense of fashion. It is named Garmentgames because it represents the endless possibilities of how fashion can be “played” and how garments can be combined in different ways. At least Garmentgames is a platform for everybody who likes to get a glimpse on how Natalie plays with different kind of garments and wishes to get inspired by the things and places she discovers.