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Blue patches

So first of all I have to apologize for posting nothing the whole week. This is defiantly not going to happen anymore. The past weeks where really busy and I was stuck in planning things for the blog and for our vacation in Thailand and trying to be active on social media which did not work out that well.

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in Food, Travel

Food guide: Prague

While we stayed over the weekend in Prague we had so delicious food… I just have to share this with you. Breakfast is my favorite meal so I was especially happy when I found Café Savory and Bistro 8. Both breakfasts where fantastic. Continue reading

in Travel

Impressions of Prague

David and mine first trip together was to Prague. We stayed there over the weekend and had such a good time… but this was two years ago… by thinking of those times we recently decided to do that again. So we booked spontaneously a trip to Prague over the weekend.

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in Fashion

Off-shoulder and extra-long trumpet sleeves

After reading “Girlboss” and knowing the story behind Nastygal I wanted to order clothes at their website but somehow I forgot about that…till last month. They have really cool stuff and the first thing that caught my attention was this stunning off-shoulder top with extra-long trumpet sleeves and flower mesh optic. I mean it just screamed buy me! Continue reading

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